Peaceful Clouds


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Jared Scheib

Jared is a survivor of Complex PTSD, film & theater director, storytelling & performance coach & artist, software engineer, entrepreneur, & founder of Pineapple AF, living in the big pineapple, NYC.

A champion of mental health, in all its adversity, diversity, & beauty, Jared's core passion is healthy human relationships.

His ambition is to build mental health-positive community for connection, creative expression, and mutual support in our healing journeys.

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Timmy Johnson
Senior Product Designer

Timmy is a Product Designer with an innate love for helping others and trying to better understand who we are as humans.

She’s a believer in self-awareness and self-love as the starting point to creating better relationships with yourself, your friends, family, partners and all the humans in between.

New favorite quote: "In a world full of apples. Be a pineapple!" (No offense to apples.)

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Lydia Birnbaum
Graphic Designer

Lydia is a designer and full-time student at Parsons School of Design. She is majoring in Communications Design which focuses on both graphic and web design.

She believes that art can be a great way to express oneself and act as a visual journal for the brain. And she's an advocate of creating space in which others can be open, honest, and vulnerable.

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Piney the Pineapple
Community Support

Piney is our support pineapple. She pines for your happiness, responding to help requests & always showing up with a smile.

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Become a Volunteer

Pineapple AF is all about creating mental health positive community to support each other on our mental health journeys.

Want to play a bigger, more active role in supporting our community? We'd love for you to volunteer for one of our events!

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