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Looking for community, support, & solidarity in your mental health journey? Our community cultivates an upbeat, playful spirit in a mental health-positive environment. Our events are opportunities to join & meet fellow like-minded & like-hearted souls in intentional connection, play, support, & creativity practices.

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CoMMunity Values

Our community gathers monthly through events to build trust, connect with ourselves & each other, and provide mutual support through self-expression & play.

We aim to create a welcoming, confidential space for authenticity and personal growth through intentional activities like creative expression, meditation, journaling, circle sharing, and laughter.

Our community values are:

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Meet the TeaM

Jared Scheib

"To me, pineapple is a symbol of my work & commitment to healthy relationships with myself & others."

Timmy Johnson

Product Designer
"Taking the time to explore different ways to reconnect with myself and others has been KEY in helping me navigate life more positively. I want to help others do the same!"

Lydia Birnbaum

Graphic Designer
"Creative expression cultivates inner joy and mental wellness."


Community Support
"Always pining for your happiness :)"

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