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What is Pineapple AF all about?

Pineapple AF creates uplifting in-person events in the big pineapple, NYC to support beautiful, brave humans on their mental health journeys.

Our facilitated events are designed to offer a warm, participatory experience for you to discover connection & joy in community.


UpcoMing Events


Inner Child Art Nyte 🎨

​Inner Child Art Nyte is a space for your inner child to run free – no matter what your adult self has to say about it. 🧒 Together we’ll draw, paint, color… whatsoever your inner child feels inspired to do. This is a night of connecting with your inner creative self – and expressing from that beautiful place. 🖼️


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Looking for other ways to connect outside of our in-person events?

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Start your Pineapple AF journey by joining others in small authentic community groups for curiosity, introspection, & personal expression all through authentic selfie-video.

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